US Issues Travel Advisory For Russia Due to Wildfire

US has issued travel advisory for Russia following huge Wildfire. In the travel advisory US asks citizens to avoid Russia until wildfire comes under control in the region.

Russia Wildfire

Due to wildfires around the Moscow region the level of air pollution has increase which could cause breathing problems and could be dangerous for tourists with hear, lung diseases, adult tourists and children.

US State Department travel advisory also mentions disruption to air travel in Russia as several international flights have been affected. Ongoing forest fires and extreme high temperatures in the Moscow region and surrounding areas of central Russia have produced hazardous levels of air pollution and caused numerous flight delays and cancellations in Moscow.

Travel advisory also mentioned that the conditions related to fire could change very quickly because of wind direction and weather conditions therefore people planning to travel in Moscow should monitor the weather conditions and stay in touch with their airlines.

Due to Wildfire Russia has declared the State of Emergency. Wildfire in Russia has hit the Chernobyl Radiation Zone and threatens Nuclear Power Plants and increases the risk of radiation in the region. Firefighters of Russia are working hard to gain control over the wildfire now have got help from the US firefighter team to quickly take control of the situation.

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