Travel Tip: Getting the Best Internet Access on Cruise Ships


Where can one find the best internet access on cruise ships? We’re at the point where it’s hard NOT to be connected when we travel. Airports, hotels, coffee shops all have wireless Internet. But until recently, the cruise lines were lagging behind.

The major cruise lines do offer Internet, but at a price. You’ll pay per minute or pre-purchase a plan, and often times it’s slow or unreliable.

The good news is that Royal Caribbean has installed a new satellite connection on the Oasis of the Seas, and will roll it out on two more ships this fall.

It works at the speed of fiberoptic network, and has the reach of a satellite service.

Starting next year, Regent Seven Seas is offering free Wi-Fi.

It’s reserved for those in the biggest suites and usually runs from 200 to 500 minutes. But top-tier members of the cruise line’s loyalty program will get unlimited Internet.

Or you could skip the ocean cruise altogether and opt for a river cruise Viking has free Wi-Fi on its ships in Europe and Russia, and Avalon Waterways has free access throughout its ships.

Or you could just leave your devices at home…oh, who are we kidding?

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