Top ten cruise holiday essentials to carry

By Kanchan Nath On Feb 23, 2023

TD Editor

Luxury cruise holidays are booming in popularity and now experts have told passengers the 10 must-pack items to take with them on their trip of a lifetime. Luxury cruise experts at Panache Cruises have named the top ten items travellers should take on-board to ensure that their holiday is all plain sailing.

James Cole, founder and managing director at Panache Cruises said: “Before getting on-board there are a number of cruise-specific essentials that passengers can bring with them to get the most out of their luxury cruise holiday. “Pack some high-quality binoculars to truly take advantage of stunning once-in-a-life views and a snorkel to explore the underwater life too.  An under-water camera is always a great choice as well.

“Even cabins on luxury cruise ships can start to feel cluttered – especially when travelling with children so bringing along magnetic hooks and over-the-door organisers is a great way to keep everything tidy.

“Motion sickness tablets are also worth taking along for peace of mind and it’s always worth having essential basic medication like paracetamol, antihistamine and bite-sting cream close to hand if it is needed. People never pack enough sun cream either – all these items can be expensive when you are away.

“Taking just a little bit of time before you travel to pick up some of these items will help you to relax and enjoy exploring the world with peace of mind.  Why spend valuable time on your holiday looking for something in a shop that you could have taken with you.”

Panache Cruises’ 10 must-pack items whilst out at sea:

1. Magnetic hooks
Most cruise cabins walls are made from steel – meaning magnetic hooks are a great idea for storing smaller items like lanyards,hats or jewellery, instead of leaving them around the cabin.

 2. Over the door organiser
Another great way to keep the cabin in order is to have an over-the-door organiser for all the smaller essential items. Fill it with things like suncream, sunglasses, snacks, water bottles, and anything else that may instead be left laying around. It’s an easy way to keep the cabin feeling spacious and organised.

 3. Towel clips
When cruising, the best way to let your towel and wet swimwear dry is, of course, outside on your balcony. A towel clip is a great item to pack to stop your belongings from blowing away into the ocean when it is windy outside. Towel clips can also be used to secure your towel to your sunlounger when on the pool deck.

4. Socket Bank

Some cruise cabins may not have as many plug sockets for charging all different devices simultaneously as a family might need. That’s why buying a socket bank is a great solution for charging lots of things at the same time. It’s also worth taking a plug adapter to make sure you can use any socket type.

 5. Binoculars

Investing in some high-quality binoculars is a good idea before boarding the cruise ship. The water depth and the draft of the vessel you are on will determine how near the shore you sail and anchor. Having high-powered binoculars will let you enjoy details that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

 6. Small personal bag
Bringing along a small bag you can keep on your person, such as a bum bag or a money belt, is a good idea for both ship and shore to help make sure you keep belongings such as cabin keys, money and phones close to you and safe. On larger cruise ships you may spend much of your day far away from your cabin so keeping a ‘day bag’ will allow you to access essential items without needing to keep going back and forth.  It is also worth remembering that on the day of embarkation it may take several hours for your luggage to arrive in your cabin. Ensure you keep everything you might need with you in a separate bag.

7. Water activity essentials
Depending on your cruise itinerary and the time of year, you might be able to swim at your ports of call – so bring along a mask and snorkel so you can swim and explore the underwater life. Water shoes are also a good idea to have – to help avoid any nasty foot cuts and scrapes.

8. Appropriate dining clothes
If there are formal dinners on your cruise then you will want to pack appropriate dress clothing to make the most of the experience. Also, travellers might not be able to dine in certain restaurants if they are not wearing the appropriate clothing so it is worth checking with your cruise agent before you go and packing appropriately.  Be mindful of the local traditions in your ports of call and cover up where necessary out of respect to local cultures and religions.

9. Essential medication
Remember to pack basic medication that might be needed whilst holidaying – such as paracetamol, Imodium and allergy tablets as well as travel bands and/or motion sickness tablets in the unlikely event that you may need them. Although it may be possible to buy these items on-board the ship it is more convenient and cheaper to take them with you.  Suncream regulations differ markedly across the globe too so ensure you take enough to ensure your family is protected.

10. Cruise repatriation insurance
These documents are essential to take onboard any cruise holiday. They provide the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong you will be protected. It’s worth knowing what the insurance specifically covers and having these documents to hand at all times – taking a picture or having the email saved on your phone is a good idea. Alternatively, take a print out with you.