Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Cruise

by Janice Wald Henderson

When this list actively becomes part of your routine, it’s time to call your travel agent.

You think you have cruise-itis? At our house, it’s inevitable that when enough time passes between cruises, my husband or I start, well, itching, to hop onboard a ship.

One sign that we’re ready to hit the high seas is when we start tuning into Turner Classic Movies, hoping to catch some love story unfolding on a transatlantic voyage. (“An Affair to Remember,” anyone?) And, we pay more attention to the ship and ocean than we do the cast. Here’s my Top 10 List to tell when it’s time to book the next cruise.

10. You call going to the supermarket a “shore excursion.”

9. You want a burger poolside – and it’s snowing outside.

8. You tell the kids to pick up their toys and stash them in their cabin.

7. You put your luggage outside your bedroom, and it’s still there in the morning.

6. No one is passing out free popcorn in the movie theatre.

5. You forgot how to merengue.

4. You bought DVDs of “The Love Boat” – and they’re not even on sale.

3. You don’t understand why an orchestra isn’t playing when you go out to dinner.

2. You fashion your own elephants out of towels at bedtime.

1. You yell “man overboard” when your spouse leaves for work in the morning.



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