Top 10 reasons to cruise

by Das Govind

Cruising has become increasingly popular with people today. Many young and old couples are starting to enjoy taking a luxury cruise across the ocean to a foreign land as air travel has lost it’s appeal.

Here are the top ten reasons why most people savour the life on deck :

1. The ordinary man gets a chance to mingle with the rich and famous. It is common knowledge that cruising is a luxury. Many rich and famous people with prefer to take a cruise as it uplifts their status in society. This can be quite exciting for the ordinary man on the street who is not used to being around the folk with a ” bigger wallet”.

2. Cruising is safe compared to air or land travel. There are less mishaps, occupational hazards or freak accidents which are reported on cruise liners as passengers usually pay for their safety on board these ships.

3. There is loads of activities on board the cruise ships. Every cruise liner out there has a casino where people can gamble their life savings; win or loose it is some experience to be gambling on a ship which is passing the Bahamas. There are games for the children while the parents go dancing and most cruise liners have a beauty therapist’s board. People can also go to various shoes and novelty acts on board, and what better way to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

4. The food is great, and there is such variety on board. The meals are also included in the overall price of the cruise holiday, so tourists do not have to spend extra money on food which can be quite expensive on holiday.

5. Cruising sometimes works out cheaper than taking a land or air holiday. This is because everything from the meals to the entertainment is provided on board, and no one can get bored within a day of the cruise.

6. Passengers can get to view the gorgeous scenery out their window; well this is if they have a window cabin, or people can stand on the deck, and enjoy a cool breeze.

7. Passengers can relax near the pool, and not have to worry about anything.

8. Passengers can let their hair down on the cruise, and attend the many parties on board, where there is loads of booze, dancing and people just having a fun time.

9. Cruising may be an expereince of a life time. Take it, and talk about how much of fun it was .

10. Meet new and interesting people on board.

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