Tips for safe cruise travel

by Katerina Nikolas

Cruising is a popular kind of vacation which allows you to float around in a luxury hotel on the sea, with your every whim catered for. Some cruise ships carry thousands of passengers at a time plus all the crew, and this means that it always pays to be vigilant regarding your safety and the possible nefarious intent of others. Cruises do tend to be a safe mode of vacation but there are some tips you should adhere to if you want to remain safe.

Firstly if you can’t swim then a cruise may not be the safest type of vacation; after all no one predicted the Titanic would go down. Although cruise ships do have the requisite number of lifeboats these days you never know when you could accidentally fall or be pushed overboard and this presents a dangerous scenario if you can’t swim. Those who are uncertain about their ability to stay afloat until the life boats are lowered would be well advised to spend their vacation wearing a life jacket to ease any worries, and these can be pleasantly accessorised.

Travelling amidst so many people always raises the possibility of communicable germs, and the last thing you want to do is go down with something nasty and spend your cruise being ministered to by the ship’s doctor. It is always wise to check the ship’s report card before you book to see if there have been previous recorded instances of mass illness on board, as it could indicate a lack of ship hygiene of a dodgy cook.

If the food looks suspect then avoid eating it and always ensure you pack a spare bag with things such as dry biscuits and crackers as an emergency food supply or in case the buffet has been sitting round in the mid day heat. This will also be convenient if you have a tendency to suffer from sea sickness.

Cruise ships do not employ policeman so it is wise to take sensible precautions and consider that a dark corridor which leads to your cabin needs as much vigilance as a dark alley in the city. It is always best to ask your friendly purser to walk you to your door in case criminal elements are hanging around.

Cruises can attract gamblers and aging Lotharios hoping to take advantage of the innocent, so always ensure that you are given a formal introduction by the ship’s Captain before mixing with strangers. If you are lucky enough to dine at the Captain’s table no doubt he will be able to regale you with tales of charming chancers who have taken advantage of innocent passengers in the past.

To be certain of remaining safe it is best to stay onboard the ship when it docks at the most popular tourist destinations as there are bound to be those who make a living by picking the pockets of wealthy cruise passengers lurking in the area. Alternatively you could just invest in a money belt and a stout umbrella

If you remember to remain vigilant about your safety at all times you will be sure to enjoy a delightful cruise to remember, which hopefully will be a memorable experience.

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