Tips for Packing for a Long Cruise

By Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief

packing-long-cruise-tipsPacking for a longer-than-usual voyage has one thing in common with any other cruise: Airlines will limit you to one or two checked bags (sometimes you will have to pay for all, other times you’ll get one free) and will charge you mercilessly if they’re overweight.

Otherwise, long voyages present challenges so numerous that even packing pros may need advice. The biggest issue? How to avoid airline fees while still packing everything you need for weeks away from home.

In cruising’s golden era, packing was simple: Just fill up a vast steamer trunk with everything you could possibly need and hit the road. An old-school trunk today would quickly rack up the oversize- and overweight-bag fees. You’re better off with a smart selection of lightweight, sturdy suitcases and carry-ons, packed as efficiently as possible to maximize space as you pack for 10, 14, 28 or even 100 days onboard.

With a little practice and forethought, you can easily master the art of packing for a long cruise. To get you started, here are some lessons to share — including some we’ve learned the hard way.

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