And cruising’s ‘Luxury Leader’ for 2016 is…

If you’re like most cruisers, you spend time talking cruising with others who love taking to the rivers and the oceans. Here’s something you might be able to stump them with, as a “Did you know?”

Cruise Ship Cell Phone Roaming Charges

By Rich Tucker   Are you about to travel out of the US and curious which cell phone company offers the best mobile global roaming plan? I’ve done the research, and in this article I’ll share the comparison of cell phone service provider’s International roaming plans. First, I will give the basic details of the cell phone companies global roaming packages. … Read more

The benefits of using a travel agent vs booking online

When you’re ready for a fabulous vacation, without the stress of trying to hunt down the best deals and accommodations, contact your favorite Travel Agent. All you have to worry about is packaging —Travel Agents’s are a team of dedicated trained professionals that will take care of all the details to make sure your trip is not only enjoyable, but also … Read more

Tips for Packing for a Long Cruise

By Carolyn Spencer Brown, Editor in Chief Packing for a longer-than-usual voyage has one thing in common with any other cruise: Airlines will limit you to one or two checked bags (sometimes you will have to pay for all, other times you’ll get one free) and will charge you mercilessly if they’re overweight. Otherwise, long voyages present challenges so numerous … Read more

10 Reasons to Book a World Cruise with a Travel Agent

CruiseSource World cruisers in Funchal, Madeira A world cruise vacation is one of the most exciting vacations to plan, but one that requires in-depth preparation.  It is not a vacation that you will want to book online on a whim by yourself.  Each full world cruise is unique in the sheer number of days you will be sailing and the … Read more

Now’s the Time to Plan Your World Cruise

by Paul Motter  Most travelers get no closer to a world cruise than browsing through brochures in an armchair fantasy.  But you might be surprised at 2012 world cruise prices. Does $20,000 seem unreasonable for a three- to four-month experience of a lifetime? Granted, that is the entry-level price, (an inside cabin on a mainstream cruise line), but if that … Read more