The benefits of using a travel agent vs booking online

When you’re ready for a fabulous vacation, without the stress of trying to hunt down the best deals and accommodations, contact your favorite Travel Agent. All you have to worry about is packaging —Travel Agents’s are a team of dedicated trained professionals that will take care of all the details to make sure your trip is not only enjoyable, but also … Read more

Booking a cruise? 18 questions to go over with your travel agent

If you’re curious about ancient world history, fascinated with fine arts, interested in learning new culinary skills, need to unplug and relax or just enamored with the glamour of the golden age of travel, there is a cruise ship for you.

Client can deduct incentive cruise if not ‘lavish or extravagant’

Travel Weekly By Mark Pestronk Q: I have been trying to sell my corporate client on the idea of offering a free cruise to its most valuable salespeople. However, the corporation’s in-house travel manager has repeatedly shot down the idea, saying that the trips would not be a tax-deductible business expense if they are on a foreign-flagged cruise ship. I … Read more

Cruise Insurance Overview

by Gerard Walen Cruise insurance can mean the difference between serene sailing and catastrophic cruising on your high-seas vacation. But read the fine print carefully. Not all policies are the same. Before you set sail, consider whether or not cruise insurance is for you. Why buy cruise insurance? Things can go wrong before, during or after your cruise. Insurance can … Read more

8 ways to make air travel less grueling

By Anne Fisher Dear Annie: I graduated from college in May and was hired in July as a trainee with a major consulting firm. This is a great opportunity and I’m really excited about it, with one reservation: Starting soon, I’m going to be traveling — always with a senior associate, in the beginning — about three weeks out of … Read more

Venice Tops Poll As Cruise Fans’ Favourite Port in The World

Published by Ozgur Tore The romantic Italianport of Venice has triumphed again as the cruise fans’ favourite port in theworld, according to a new YouGov survey, published to mark the launch of National Cruise Week (19 to 26 September 2010).  With a record 1.65million Britons taking a cruise each year, now is the time to jump on board anddiscover cruises. … Read more

The Perfect Cruise Vacation – How to Spend Less for the Very Best

Who ya gonna call? – Where do you buy your cruise tickets to get the best price? Should you buy from a traditional travel agent, an online mega-seller or direct from the cruise line? Surprisingly, when it comes to the base fare, it doesn’t make much difference. Price variation is more contingent on qualifying for a particular type of discount; promotional, seasonal, past … Read more