Cruise Ship Cell Phone Roaming Charges

By Rich Tucker   Are you about to travel out of the US and curious which cell phone company offers the best mobile global roaming plan? I’ve done the research, and in this article I’ll share the comparison of cell phone service provider’s International roaming plans. First, I will give the basic details of the cell phone companies global roaming packages. … Read more

Top 10 reasons to cruise

by Das Govind Cruising has become increasingly popular with people today. Many young and old couples are starting to enjoy taking a luxury cruise across the ocean to a foreign land as air travel has lost it’s appeal. Here are the top ten reasons why most people savour the life on deck : 1. The ordinary man gets a chance … Read more

How to choose the best cruise for you

by Belle Starr Once you have decided that you would like to take a cruise there are a few decisions that you need to make. Not every cruise is perfect for every person. In order to choose the best cruise you need to know what you expect from your cruise.  Sit down and ask yourself a few questions to help … Read more

5 Reasons a Cruise Might be the Best Value for Your Vacation

By balmy100 For many people, cruise ships offer some of the most affordable vacations around. If your idea of a great vacation is staying home and doing yard work, a cruise may not seem like such a bargain to you. However, if you are like millions of people who want to leave home and do something interesting and relaxing, a … Read more

Luxury cruise line Silversea goes more affordable, more luxury

By Robert Spencer Knotts — Tribune correspondent Tampa Bay Online FORT LAUDERDALE — How do you make luxury more luxurious? Push upscale up the scale just a little higher? That’s the trick for any business that caters to high-end travelers.But in an economic era when those businesses are also looking to attract less affluent clients, the trick becomes even trickier. … Read more

How to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Cruise Buck

by Marilyn Green Holland America Line Stateroom Knowledge is definitely power, especially when you’re shopping for a cruise vacation. While others are paying list price for a cruise, you can either save hundreds of dollars or get valuable extras if you know where the opportunities lie. And if you’re in the know, you can bring your children along without paying, … Read more

Arthur Frommer: Cruises top list of 20 best vacation bargains

BY Arthur Frommer Chalk it up to fear of hurricanes. Add the mild weather that usually prevails in the places from which passengers come. Whatever the reason, Sept. 1 to mid-December is when cruises plummet in popularity and cruise lines frantically discount their rates. The cheapest vacations of the year are the one-week cruises scheduled to sail the Caribbean from … Read more

Deal or No Deal? How to Decide!

Sarah’s Travel Tips by Sarah Pascarella, Staff – July 30, 2010 When people find out I write for a travel publication, I inevitably get asked about good deals for upcoming vacations. My standard reply is that it all depends on what you like to do, and the conversation goes from there. I rarely advocate just going with rock-bottom prices, … Read more