Silver Spirit: Cruise Ship review

Silversea cruises wanted to introduce a stylish art infused design while taking their tradition of luxury brand into a new decade.


Silver spirit is a new ship and is the first launched in a long time. The cruise liner has more options in terms of dinning accommodations, and a spacious luxury encrusted spa facility. While the previous five Silversea cruise liners have an intake of about 132 to 382 people, the Silver Spirit has a mammoth leap in terms of 540 passengers. That is a big change for people who have been traveling by Silversea cruises.

Silver spirit cruise line

Goods and bads:

While some vacationers recounted displeasure at the crowed capacity of the ship, many didn’t think it bothered them. Silver spirit has one of the maximum ‘spaces to guest ratios’ with 6,700 cubic feet of space per guest. While size does have a big impact, there are few things that design can’t make up for.

The Mid-ship Veranda suite is longer, larger compared to its brethren in the other ships. It is also narrower when compared to the others. This makes the only passage to the bedroom tighter. The 320 seat theatre has only three toilets outside it, first for men, second for women and the third for handicapped people. A long queue for the loo can make the hallway crowded. The absence of the toilet is apparent in the beautiful Observation Lounge. This lounge is on Deck 11. There is no bar so the bar service is much missed.

Silver spirit Veranda suite

The cruise liner has been dutiful in addressing the complaints and ironing out the flaws will take its due time. During the inaugural World Voyage, Silver Spirit made some adjustments to comfort their loyal passengers. More hair stylists were introduced and bartenders with champagne and wine were posted at the entrance of the theatre before the shows. The grand new supper club’s openings hours was changed from 9pm to 8:15pm to suit the dining sensibilities of the American tourists.

Silver Spirit Supper Club

Re-introducing luxury:

The celebration never stops on the ship. A central mid-ship lounge, The Bar is a hit with people who relax and get loose in it day and night. The Silver Spirit has two new restaurants which make it distinct amongst the rest. An Asian fusion restaurant is the Seishin. ‘Stars’ is the trendy supper club which has a biting combining of food and entertainment.

The luxury is the refined, par excellence and goes beyond the obvious. You can order for spectacles if you forget your glasses and can’t read the menu. The waiter can bring you a pair of lenses on a silver platter. Some people like their beer at room temperature rather than ice cold. Waiters are a friendly lot on the cruise liner and can even warm it up for you without much coaxing. Butlers here are even known to make guests bubble baths with flower petals. Silver spirit not only is one big step forward than its cousins but has a new and bright spirit to resonate with its name.

Silver spirit Seishin Restaurant

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