How to get value for money on a cruise

by Natalia Jones

A cruise is already an affordable way to travel but if you really want to get value for money on your next cruise take note of these handy tips.

Choose Your Cabin Wisely

Interior cabins are the cheapest but they more often than not come with two single beds and they are extremely small. If you don’t plan on spending a lot of time in your room and you are not cruising as a couple the interior room might suit you fine. Ocean view cabins are the next in line in terms of luxury and price so if you still want to realize some savings but you don’t want to sacrifice by selecting the interior room this is a nice compromise. Also the cabins on higher deck floors are more expensive than those on lower floors because you tend to feel more of the motion down below. Bear in mind that if you want to choose you exact room you will have to pay a couple hundred dollars extra for the privilege or you can simply leave it up to chance and save. See Guide to Cruise Cabin Choices.

Eat Your Meals on Board

Instead of racing off the ship as soon as you dock make sure you have a meal onboard. All your meals are included in the price of your cruise so leaving the ship without eating and then getting hungry onshore is like spending double.

Avoid Spa Treatments

Spa treatments on your cruise can sound dreamy but they are nightmarishly expensive. The same treatments you can get at home are sometimes almost twice the price. If you want to get value for money on your cruise, skip the spa treatments and you will have the best chance of getting the most bang for your buck.

Take Advantage of Free Onboard Entertainment

All cruise ships offer free onboard entertainment. You should make an effort to attend at least one of the “Broadway” type shows and check out the clubs on board as well. You’ll get to mix with the other guests in an environment that is safe and best of all… free!

Book Early to Take Advantage of Deals

Finally, if you want to get value for money on your next cruise, try to book early. Cruises come available several months and sometimes even a whole year in advance. You can often capitalize on early bird discounts by booking your cruise vacation way ahead of sailing time.

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