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Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company to Debut on Cruise Ship in October

By Thomas Peter
15 Jul 2010

The Queen Elizabeth Theatre Company, which will feature a variety of musical and dance acts and abridged performances of several classic plays, will debut along with the Queen Elizabeth cruise ship, which will first set sail on the Cunard line in October.

¬†Twenty-nine singers, dancers, actors and musicians will perform in the company’s various programs, which will include “Slice of Saturday Night,” a pastiche of 1960s music which has been performed in London and on tour throughout the U.K. and was adapted for the company by the Heather Brothers.

The company will also perform abridged versions of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and an evening featuring three scenes from three Neil Simon plays – Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Plaza Suite and The Odd Couple. The scenes will be connected by their setting, as each will be performed in an apartment or hotel suite. An informal Q&A session with the actors will follow each performance of the show.

Additional productions performed by the theatre company will include the original musicals The Piccadilly Line and Hotel Royale; the musical revue Sing; the dance concert La Danza; and a panel quiz show.

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