7 awesome perks of sailing with a luxury cruise line

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By Tara Imperatore

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There are lots of cool perks that come with cruising on a luxury ship. Beyond the gourmet meals and private shore excursions, though, what really defines the experience is the service. Your suitcases will be unpacked before you realize they made it to your room, and you won’t have to think twice about making dinner reservations, even on land … but that’s only the beginning.

We found ways these floating luxury hotels go above and beyond for their passengers:

  • 1. They take care of, well, whatever you need.


    You don’t have to spring for a penthouse suite to get the royal treatment from Silversea. It’s the only luxury line that provides butler service regardless of the cabin category you choose. All butlers receive training by the Guild of Professional English Butlers and will do anything you need, including helping you pick out a pillow, sending out dry cleaning, and planning an in-suite cocktail party.

  • 2. They draw your bath.


    Seabourn’s butlers will not only draw a bath for guests, but they also have a menu of exclusive Molton Brown® therapeutic oils to add to the water. You can select one that boosts circulation, helps you get a good night’s sleep, promotes cell restoration, purifies skin, or deeply moisturizes.

  • 3. They fulfill your food cravings.

    Photo by Seabourn Cruise Line

    Typically, special food requests need to be made before boarding so the ship can stock necessary ingredients. But what happens after embarkation when you suddenly get homesick and have a hankering for your grandmother’s pasta sauce? On a Crystal cruise, as long as you have the recipe — and it’s not a family secret — you can pass it along to the chefs, and they’ll whip some up for you. Even if you don’t have the exact recipe on hand, the culinary staff is skilled enough to do your favorite dish justice.

  • 4. They provide hypoallergenic staterooms.

    Photo by Crystal Cruises

    No one wants to deal with allergies or asthma while on vacation, whether they be mild or severe. If you or someone you’re traveling with has either, you can book one of Crystal Cruises’ hypoallergenic Deluxe Pure staterooms. Currently the only staterooms of their kind at sea, they continuously undergo an extensive process to rid every surface of dust and germs in order to alleviate minor respiratory issues, such as coughing, as well as watery eyes and sniffles.

  • 5. They clean and pack your luggage.


    On the last night of your Silversea cruise, butlers automatically clean each piece of your luggage, top them with bows, and lay them out for you to pack. If you’d prefer to soak in every last second of your vacation instead of performing this tedious task, the butlers will even pack for you, covering delicate items in bubble wrap, polishing shoes, and cleaning eyeglasses before putting them away.

  • 6. They offer impressive poolside service.

    Photo by Seabourn Cruise Line

    While by the pool, you may catch therapists of The Spa at Seabourn setting up massage chairs and offering complimentary 10-minute back, neck, and head rubs. Staff members will also come around with sunscreen, cold towels, and cool sprays of water, and they’ll even clean your sunglasses for you.

  • 7. They can supply a dance partner.


    Some cruise lines bring gentlemen hosts aboard to escort single women to dinner or spin them around on the dance floor, but Crystal Cruises is the first to offer hostesses. These ladies will join upcoming “Ballroom at Sea” transatlantic sailings to swing, cha-cha, and waltz with solo male passengers as soon as the live orchestra hits the stage.

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