6 Reasons You Must Have Your Wedding in the Caribbean



6 Reasons You Must Have Your Wedding in the Caribbean

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There are all types of weddings out there, traditional, eccentric, urban, rural and in “petit comite.” The location and theme change everything, but they all have one common factor, they’re romantic events where true love and the desire to spend a lifetime together is proclaimed and simplified to express all these feeling in one single day.

A fairy tale princess who has been dreaming about her wedding all her life is not going to leave any stone unturned when organizing her big day — invitations, the guests to invite, the place she wants to celebrate her big day, the decoration, the date, the time of the year …

Celebrating your wedding in the Caribbean is a novel option and at the same time something quite personal. The sea and a touch of wilderness are now very chic, so if this is something you’ve been thinking about for your big day, then you’re in luck as we have several reasons here to show you why a wedding in the Caribbean is one of the most sought after options for romantic and original weddings:

1. Simplicity and proximity: Having your ceremony and reception in the same place is one of the easiest options. There’s no need to worry about moving from one place to another, and if we move fast enough there’s plenty of accommodation for the guests too. The BlueBay hotels on offer in the Caribbean offer fairy tale locations with a wide range of facilities that are perfectly kitted out for this type of romantic wedding.

2. The comfort of having everything in the one place: Obviously, this is linked to the previous point. But having a wedding in a hotel gives you the comfort, and ease of mind of having everything in the one place: the ceremony, the aperitif, the reception and the accommodation. A romantic wedding where the only thing the happy couple and their guests have to worry about is having a good time.

3. Relaxed and quiet setting: Right on the beach and surrounded by nature means everything flows more naturally. Here there’s no city noise to disturb you, you’re surrounded by nature, and the only thing you’ll hear is the sound of happiness.

4. You don’t have to stress about guests driving and finding a parking spot:With this type of Caribbean wedding, there’s no need to worry about the guests dealing with traffic or finding a parking spot. Everything is available in the one place.

5. An extensive range of facilities, covering all types of original romantic weddings: An idyllic setting with white sandy beaches and clear blue sea is sure to amaze both the guests and the happy couple. Celebrate your wedding on the beach surrounded by lush tropical jungle and arrive barefoot at the ceremony… Let’s start dreaming!

6. Catering: Without a doubt, food is one of the key aspects to ensure a successful wedding. BlueBay hotels guarantee gourmet food that is sure to wow all the guests.

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