10 Reasons to Book a World Cruise with a Travel Agent


World cruisers in Funchal, Madeira

A world cruise vacation is one of the most exciting vacations to plan, but one that requires in-depth preparation.  It is not a vacation that you will want to book online on a whim by yourself.  Each full world cruise is unique in the sheer number of days you will be sailing and the destinations you will be visiting around the globe, but most are about three months long and will hit around 40 ports of call.

If you plan to invest your money and time in taking a world cruise vacation, you will want it to be a trip you remember for the rest of your life.  That’s why working with an experienced travel agent who understands the nuances and special attention to detail involved with a world cruise is critical.

A knowledgeable world cruise agent will help you:

World cruise send off party

1. Choose which cruise line that offers world cruises that meets your lifestyle and budget.
2. Select the most ideal cabin or suite for your needs and comfort level.
3. Coordinate other travel arrangements if desired (flights, pre or post cruise hotel stays, ground transportation, etc.).
4. Help you choose appropriate and desirable shore tours based on your ability and interests.  They should be able to point out what tours may require extensive walking.
5. Alert you to the travel documents you will need for your journey.  Many of the countries you will be visiting require special travel visas for entry.
6. Recommend special programs and activities you will want to take part in on the ship.  Aside from traditional activities you may enjoy onboard, most cruise lines offer unique learning and enrichment programs during your time at sea.
7. Offer insider tips on the sights you won’t want to miss.  They should be able to tell you what you may find interesting at each port of call, and if they don’t know personally – they should have resources available to them to find out for you.
8. Celebrate any special event or milestone during your cruise.  They will help you make your special event or date even more memorable with some behind-the-scenes planning.
9. Offer tips on packing for your world cruise.  These experts will be able to point out what you may want with you such as pictures from home to hang on your cabin wall or suggest taking an extra suitcase along to fill with treasures you find on your journey.
10. Be there for you before, during and after your world cruise.  A good travel agent will be your resource and advocate starting from the minute you book your cruise through your safe return home.

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