10 Junk Travel Fees We’ve Had Enough Of


10 Junk Travel Fees We've Had Enough Of

Are you tired of getting bombarded with those annoying junk fees?

You know, the additional costs that manage to sneak up on your bill, which may make you regret ever deciding to take a vacation.

The madness has incited some to actually think about lawsuits.

When it comes to booking flights, staying in hotels and renting a car, fees just continue to escalate, as the companies grab every last dollar they can squeeze out of their customers to meet bottom lines and stockholder expectations.

We’ve already talked about how the aviation industry is saying “enough is enough” with TSA security fee hikes.

Well it is time travelers be aware of the expensive practices of the travel industry — that irritating airlines front desk clerk that charges you an additional $50 for your luggage which is only two pounds overweight, the costly parking garage fees at the hotel, as well as the tempting minibar stocked with overpriced snacks.

Junk fees are not only a nuisance but an inevitable payment that only increases stress during a time when travelers should feel their most relaxed, and it’s about time we tell these companies, “We’ve had enough!”

Here are 10 of the most frustrating expenses of the travel industry that we just can’t avoid but should be able to.


According to a NYU study, the U.S. lodging industry collected $1.95 billion in fees in 2012.

Here’s the hotel fees we most want gone.

Cancellation fee

Nothing is more upsetting than booking a hotel and missing the deadline for canceling a room.  However, some hotels are more than happy to stick you with the bill for at least a night’s stay regardless of time of cancellation.

Early check-in fee

Have you ever considered starting your vacation a little early? In many cases, hotels charge an additional cost, sometimes up to $50 for guests wanting to jump start their stay.

Early check-out fee

When booking a room at a hotel, it is best to get your money’s worth and stay as long as you initially intended.  Many hotels do not appreciate an early check-out and will take the initiative of slapping you with an early check-out fee in addition to the full cost of your stay.

Baggage holding fee

Leaving your luggage with the concierge may be a thing of the past.  Especially, since hotels are more than happy to add an extra baggage holding fee to your bill.

Phone calls

For many travelers, the phone appears to be an included luxury. Secretly, it is a money-pilfering device wanting you to just make one call to make your expenses higher than expected.


According to CNNMoney, A recent global study showed airlines rake in $27 billion in customer fees. In some cases, a la carte fees now make up to 20 percent of a company’s overall revenue.

Here’s the fees that we feel are getting out of control.

Baggage fees

We are all too familiar with those annoying baggage fees which are not only unavoidable but expensive.

Airline companies like Spirit Airlines includes baggage fees (carry-on and standard luggage) with their ticket prices.

It was only a couple years ago when luggage, especially carry-on bags, were absolutely free, which makes pulling out that extra cash exceedingly tiring.

Wifi at the airport

Imagine that dreaded feeling of being stuck at the airport all day.  The only available thing to comfort your anxiousness is your laptop or tablet, where the interesting world of the internet lays right at your fingertips.

As your eagerly click on that gateway to the World Wide Web, something stops you dead in your tracks—the wifi login which requires a fee.

Airports are becoming more and more of a hassle with those pesky wifi fees that are too difficult to ignore.

Extra leg room

That extra leg room may sound like a bonus, especially when thinking about how cramped a long flight can really be.  But this spacious accommodation is a trick in disguised, an opportunity to make passengers cough up the dough, which can easily transform any ordinary flight into a high-priced trip.


Oh, we haven’t forgot about the road warriors. These fees are also out of control.


Imagine constantly driving with one eye on the road and the other on your mileage.

Too many car rental companies don’t even offer an unlimited mileage option and underhandedly charge extra for customers exceeding their mileage limit, which can be quite difficult to avoid especially when traveling long distances, getting stuck on traffic or worse, getting lost.

Roadside assistance

Yes, roadside assistance is a necessity; it can lead to an unnecessary expense by car rental companies trying to make an extra buck.

Before signing on the dotted line be very aware of the expenses added to the contract which can make any journey seem unworthy.