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15 Best Cruise Ship Alternative Restaurants »

–By Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor; updated by Gina Kramer, Associate Editor Eating well at a great restaurant is one of life’s finest indulgences, whether it’s leave-you-speechless haute cuisine or greasy, salty guilty pleasures. The good news for cruisers is you don’t have to leave dining choices behind on dry land when you set sail. Cruise […]

How a Travel Agent Works »

Sally Black Founder and Mom Executive Officer, vacationkids Huffington Post               When people find out what I do for a living, weird things often happen… Some will tilt their heads to one side and ask “Do Travel Agents still exist?” as if they were magically staring into the eyes […]

Your passport is good for 10 years — or is it? »

And then, at the airport, or cruise port, a strange look crosses the airline agent’s face. The next thing you know, your trip is in smoking ruins.

The Captain Is King at Sea »

When you’re on a ship at sea, the captain is always king. You might not be lucky enough to sit at his table for dinner, but remember that you are a subject of his kingdom. For smooth sailing on the seas, remember your proper etiquette, but also keep in mind a few extra rules:

Cruise: How to eat your way around the Norwegian fjords »

While the fjords are a feast for the eyes, Norway’s culinary treats are also worth savouring

7 misconceptions made by cruise virgins »

Ships are very claustrophobic

Safety Tips For Your Voyage at Sea »

Cruises are a fun and unique vacation experience, but they can also pose health risks if you aren’t careful. Remember these 7 tips to keep yourself and your travel companions safe while cruising.

Travel Tip: What You Get With Cruise Loyalty Programs »

Posted by You’ve heard of loyalty programs for airlines and hotels. But cruise loyalty programs? They’re out there, and if you’re a regular cruiser, it’s worth knowing about. Windstar Cruises automatically enrolls you in their Yacht Club loyalty program after your first cruise. That gets you a five percent discount on your next cruise, […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Renewing Your Passport »

Mail renewal is best — but it’s not always available. The easiest way to renew a passport is via mail, since it only requires a trip to the post office.

25 things you need to know about cruising »

Pack no booze. Cruises are not BYO, and trying to smuggle on booze is frowned upon.